Haze Islands is a 20-60 minute Pirate Adventure Card Game for 1-3 players aged 10+.

1 5.5" x 5.5" x 2" linen finish box
1 Six-sided Doom Die
3 Ship Tokens
9 Pirate Tokens
2 Handy Dandy Rulebooks (English & Japanese)
2 Player Aid Cards
6 Doom Cards
18 Adventure Cards
27 Map Cards

You and your band of scallywag pirates are in deep, deep trouble. An ominous creature, The Doom, has been shadowing your ship, growing angrier every day. Is it looking for revenge? Did you take one treasure too many? Your days are numbered. Be damned! Drop sails while the wind is bellowing behind you. Defeat your nemesis and quench your thirst for adventure to become the most feared pirate of them all.
How to Play

Video review by Eduardo Baraf
Video play through by Flying Solo
Review by Charlie Theel
Review by Daniel Thurot (Space Biff)
Design diary
Boardgamegeek Entry
- Files: English Rules
- Files: Print and Play Cards

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