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ENI is a ruleset for role-playing games that aims to - quickly and easily - provide the adventure you seek through collaborative storytelling, growing tension, and meaningful choices. It can be played with or without a game narrator.

It was successfully funded as part of #ZineQuest4 on Kickstarter on August 31st, 2022. Like all campaigns by EX1ST GAMES, this project funded an afforestation association. Thanks to the ENI backers, we funded the planting of 100 trees.

ENI is an open-source framework available for free, for creators to modify and monetize their original content. Download the Source Code and get hacking. Your creativity will be rewarded with a Game Jam sometime soon.

If you just want to exercise your imagination or have some storylines you want to try out, then download the Zine, Character Sheet, and Journal Templates, and start playing today! For ease of play, we provided the main rules on a One-Page PDF with a Character Sheet on the back. Enjoy and let me know about the typos. Together we make games better.