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Hex City

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decentralized city

An egalitarian political system that belongs to the people, where the city government works towards empowering constituencies towards self governing, creating a diverse city that caters and cares for its inhabitants.


seamless transport
environmental zoning
connected community
decentralized city
flexible design


multi centered model

Every city needs a center, if not more. The centers represent the city, its wealth, achievements, history, style and culture. Large cities have many centers surrounding the main city center. This is also true of the Hex City model. The main difference is where large cities have congested roads, overcrowded streets and high population density, Hex City has parks, lakes and forests. The centers exist between these public spaces.

Centers in large cities present a nexus of independent services clustered in the same area. Hex City distributes its services through its constituencies so that there is a varied, local, accessible array of services.

Each center is a connecting node that sits between three hexagons. The centers towards the edge of the city will be different from those in the center. Perhaps the most important centers are surround the first hexagon populated, this becoming the old town. Centers build during times of economic prosperity may host businesses that focus on the service industry. More remote centers might be more appropriate for manufacturing or wholesale. Latin, chinese, afro-american, indian, asian quarters will have centers that present a different flavor and colour to the city.



connecting to other cities

Whether by road or rail, the distribution of incoming traffic should be distributed evenly within the city.

Any incoming train that only stops at a single station must alternate which station they stop at with other station within the city. The passenger must then catch a local train to reach other parts of the city. For example, the 9:00am train from Square City to Radial City will stop in Hex City at station A, the 10:00 train will stop at station B, the 11:00 at station C, and so on. Alternatively, the train will stop at all the stations in the city.

Highways cause an uneven distribution of traffic when they connect to a city because they only provide one or two intersections. A highway passing through Hex City would have to provide access once every two hexagons alternating between "on raps" and "off ramps". In these cases, land within the woodland and recreational zones can be used.

An airport may be build between neighboring cities and be connected by a train that services all the stations in the city.

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power to the places

The distribution of boroughs and the decision making power that is granted to them and their minor and greater constituencies, reduces the demands, activities and stress found centralized governments in large cities. The main aims of the central government is to delegate power to constituencies and maintain public and governing services.

Governing services, amongst other things, support constituencies to collect taxes, budget, promote inward investment, promote tourism, govern, and provide public services.

The public will use the local governing board as a fist point of call for all their needs. The public will use the central government to report on unfair treatment by the local governing board.

Elections will be held in each borough. Elected leaders form the governing boards for both greater and minor constituencies that belong to their borough. This systems foresees a greater number of parties than common in large cities.

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public buildings

The distribution of public buildings, city offices, public services, etc, will be spread amongst all of the commercial and community and commerce zones and the industrial and services zones.

Constituencies can bid for, or refuse, commercial or public projects for their nodes. Larger projects will be decided by the city as a whole.

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