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Hex City

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connected community

How can the design on a road system and urban zoning positively affect the city, its communities and its inhabitants?

2 + 2 = 4


seamless transport
environmental zoning
connected community
decentralized city
flexible design


shared denomination

Each residential zone is a borough, a local government administrative subdivision. As each residential zone is part of two hexagons the denomination of each borough can not be solely related to one hexagon. Therefore, the denomination of boroughs comes from the denomination of the hexagons that they belong to.

For example, a borough that resides next to "Oak Forest" and "Clear Lake", which are the official names of their hexagons, would be called "Clear Oak". As hexagon names are unique and memorable, pinpointing a borough is a matter of adding 2 and 2, you always get 4. The local map may only name the lakes, forests, parks, hills of each hexagon and still remain useful. It's very intuitive.

Hexagons named "New ..." and "Clear ..." should not be next to each other. For other unfavorable or funny combinations please visit the forum and contribute one your self.


shared constituencies

Each residential zone can be seen as a part of 4 constituencies. They can also be seen as a part of larger communities.

First and foremost, the borough belongs to the two hexagons after which it is named. These hexagons from 2 greater constituencies.

Each node connects to three residential zones. These groups of three residential zones are called clusters. Each borough takes part in two clusters, one par node. These clusters form 2 minor constituencies.

Each cluster belongs to three hexagons. These three greater constituencies take part in the planning, promoting and developing their common node.

This residential zone [orange] is part of two greater constituencies [green and beige] and part of two minor constituencies [pink and blue].



Hex City aims to create individual communities with stronger connection, shared space and, as mentioned above, shared constituency (community politics) and denomination (natural heritage). As a result, individuals will feel a part of something greater at many levels, they will be aware of their neighbors and proud of their community. Personal involvement is optional. Diversity is respected and encouraged.



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